Extra Tuition in Munich – German, English, French and Spanish

Sprachakademie Dantas supports your child with extra tuition. We offer private tutoring with a teacher at your home, in our language school in Hilblestr 7 in Munich or online via Skype.

Extra Tuition: Private Tutoring – Revision

For School Children in: Gymnasium – Realschule – Gesamtschule – Hauptschule – Grundschule – Berufsschule

Languages: German – English – French – Spanish

Language School located directly at Leonrodplatz - Maria-Luiko-Str. 7 in Munich
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In our one-to-one lessons your child gets tutoring by one of our highly qualified language teachers. We tailor the lessons based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses and make sure that your goals with the extra tuition are fulfilled. Perhaps your child needs support to achieve better grades on the upcoming exams or to achieve a solid basis of knowledge in order to better understand the upcoming learning material.

We set value in inspiring your child for the language so your child’s self-motivation improves. From a didactical point of view we work with your child in a way that aims to make him or her more self-confident to master its homework on its own.

When you order extra tution from us you have the flexibility to decide when and how often you want your child’s private tutoring to take place. Either you decide to have the one-to-one lessons conveniently at your home, in our language shool or online through Skype. You can also decide to include additional children in your child’s private tutoring without any additional costs. In that way you can share the costs with other parents.

Request a free trial lesson below or register directly for extra tuition.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions or wish to get an assessment of your child’s current language skills.

Price per Hour (45 Minutes)

Private Tutoring

Upon ordering…

… up to 10 hours: 38 Euro / hour

… up to 20 hours: 36 Euro / hour

… more than 20 hours: 34 Euro / hour

Please notice that each lesson must be at least two hours long (90 minutes).


We were very happy with our teacher! She was very well prepared and structured, so that we could cover all content we had planned. Her behavior was very kind and professional - everything was perfect.

Christian Guentsch

Since I booked private lessons, I can plan my lessons as I want to without sticking to a more strict course plan. The individual attention and the patient support help me learn the language in the for me right pace. I can also suggest certain topics that I would like to have covered during the lessons. We always have a lot of fun in the lessons. I am thrilled and always participate with pleasure.

Hildegard Schmatz

I learned a lot in my language course and I want to thank you for that. I also wish you all the best for the future!

Alexander Hagelstein

I liked the language course very much because my teacher was very thoughtful and friendly. Since I had a private course, my teacher could pay attention to me all the time. Because of that, I made major progess fast and I learned the important things about the Portuguese language very fast. My host parents were very surprised that I understood so much. I will get back to you again if I would need more Portuguese lessons.

Ina Schöppner

I had an online course that was very good! The language teacher was competent and explained the content very well. I especially liked the verbal exercises. Since I had online lessons, I didn't need to waste any time on going anywhere and I think I learned Portuguese very fast. With me gained knowledge in Portuguese I am now prepared for my relocation to Sao Paulo. If I have time I will contine my lessons from there. I wish you all the best for the future!

Roland Schulz

Our Language School in Munich

Our Language School in Munich
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Our language school is located in Maria-Luiko-Str. 7 in Munich and can be reached in two minutes walking distance from the tram station Leonrodplatz.

If you prefer to go by subway, you reach our language school afoot within about 20 minutes from the subway stations Maillingerstr. (U1 or U7) or Theresienstr. (U2).

There are also plenty of parking lots in the area.

We hope that we could interest you in our language school and we look forward to meeting you in person.


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